Ascension 2012 – The Shift Within and The Lightness of Being


Many of you are questioning the process of shifting into Ascension, and wondering what the end of the Mayan Calendar and the Great Shift means for the future of your Self, your loved ones and humanity.

Whenever I have been asked “Is the world going to end?” I reply, “Yes. As we KNOW it.”

To clarify:
Humanity is shifting into a higher consciousness as a whole, taking new steps in the process of multi-dimensionality. We are arising to the recognition and realization that we are multi-dimensional beings, that we have abilities of which we have only begun to scratch the surface. This is necessary to continue life on Earth.

This is Evolution.

Not all will choose a path of raising their consciousness, not all believe in a greater Source, and others still are living in a lower consciousness state that they cannot remove themselves from nor do they desire to do so. There is no wrong or right in Ascension. Our choices and behaviors are activated on a Soul level. Many of these of choices are manifesting for many people on the
physical level.

Physical Symptoms of Ascension

  • We are needing less sleep. We are waking at odd times at night, or rising earlier than ever before and well-rested. We can no longer “sleep in” and we are enjoying awakening to the quiet morning, before sunrise.
  • Foods we have never preferred are now what we crave. Foods we indulge in that no longer serve our bodies, causing us to feel ill, we have eliminated from our diets. We have incorporated new foods that energize us, naturally.
  • We are adopting exercise regimens, getting in shape and toning our muscles because we intuitively know that we can no longer be sedentary or need to “amp up” the old routine. Our bodies are speaking to us.
  • Our vision range is expanding. Colors of nature are more vivid, we seem to feel as though we can “see forever” when looking out over a landscape and notice the smallest of nature’s gifts that we have never stopped to gaze it or ponder over before. We tend to look deeper into our environment. We can see beyond our “little world”, with our inner-sight.  Our connection to the Divine is deepening when we connect to the simpler things in life.

With these natural changes, we are ascending, instinctively. We are attuning to the process of Ascension, and the Great Shift will be an easier transition if we follow those little taps on the shoulder and make new choices that will best serve us, thereby allowing us to serve the All on greater levels that we have not experienced before this time.

If you resonate with any of the things I have mentioned, the transition has already begun for you. Emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually, you have been gradually raising your vibration to a higher level. You have been sensing this for some time now.

There are a lot of articles and other information out there that has put strict labels and rules to the Ascension. There are no rules. There is no right and wrong way to “ascend”. There is no judgment. I have even seen certain posts where someone is telling people exactly how much sea salt they need to pour into their bath (a whole pound) to clear the subtle body! There are spiritual counselors advising that there are actual numbered levels of consciousness. This projects negative energy onto people – quite contrary to raising consciousness of humanity. Humanity’s Ego creates labels and rules, even panic and fear, by suggesting that if we do not meet the criteria and accomplish lifestyle changes before December 21, 2012, we will cease to exist.

What is true for this time of the Great Shift, has always been true:
Follow your heart. Listen to your intuition. The Divine Guidance is within and is calling upon each of us to assist in raising the vibration of the entire planet.

This is the Lightness of Be-ing.

Yes, one person can change the world. It begins within.